Brian Humann is the Principal and teacher of grades 3-4.  Mr. Humann graduated from Martin Luther College in 1999.   

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Richard C. Muchka graduated from MLC in 2005.  He teaches grades 7-8.  Mr. Muchka is also the leader of our Youth Group for our congregation.

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Staff at Morrison Zion Lutheran Church
Teachers at Morrison Zion Lutheran School









Brenda Kuchenbecker teaches grades 1-2.  She is our head organist, music director, and band director. 

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Joan Wegner comes to us from Maribel.  She is busy teaching the Preschool and Kindergarten classes.  Joan also serves as one of our assistant organists.

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Pastor Ott and his family came to us in spring of 2002.  He and his wife, Paula, have five children.  In addition to leading our worship services, Pastor Ott leads many Bible studies, teaches catechism class at the school, and performs many other services for our community and our spiritual growth.

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Nancy Pantzlaff serves as our church and school secretary.  She has held this position since 1994.

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Timothy Pingel is our 5th-6th grades teacher.  Mr. Pingel graduated from Martin Luther College in 2006.  He also serves as our Athletic Director.

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Beverly Leiterman serves as the janitor for our church and school.  Email Beverly