As a congregation Morrison Zion Lutheran Church exists to Glorify God.  We have set out to Glorify him by Gathering around the Gospel so that we may Grow in the Gospel and Go with the Gospel.

Morrison Zion Lutheran School exists to Glorify God by assisting families to
Grow and Go with the Gospel


“We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord” (Psalm 78:4)

As we carry out Psalm 78:4, we will:

  • Assist families in nurturing and developing children’s individual gifts and educational needs while giving them a vision for God’s kingdom
  • Reach our students with Biblical guidance and establish a strong foundation for them to live and share their faith with others
  • Encourage our students to appreciate their gift of faith by using their different talents and abilities to glorify God for the rest of their lives
  • Prepare our students to face life’s trials and temptations with Jesus at their side
  • Glorify God with excellence in spiritual and academic growth through a Christ-centered curriculum
  • Proclaim Christ and share our academic excellence
  • Provide children with opportunities for interaction with our congregation and our community
  • Encourage those with gifts and abilities to enter the full-time ministry and/or become future church leaders


  • Evaluate curriculum on a 7 year basis
  • Evaluate technology on an annual basis
  • Equip our students for secondary education; excellence in Math, Reading, Language, Science, and Social Studies
  • Student participation in extra-curricular activities (art, music, band, plays, drama, academic meets, sports, etc.)
  • Teach children how to apply their faith to every area of their life
  • All teachers have an annual personal and spiritual development plan
  • Equip parents regularly with information to train their children
  • Continuous community exposure

Measurable Objectives