Morrison Zion Lutheran Church & School Wish List Items

Items are not listed in any particular order:

  • Globe for the 3rd and 4th grade room
  • Bean Bag Chairs for school (12)
  • Collection baskets for mission money at school (4 baskets)
  • Funnel for the playground at school
  • Air conditioning in church
  • Storm Windows for the stained glass Windows at church
  • New Stoles for pasor’s white gown
  • Ceiling Fan for 3rd and 4th Grade Room
  • Floor Fans for classrooms at school, office, kitchen  (8)
  • 100 cup coffee maker
  • Nesco Roaster
  • 30 cup coffee maker
  • Office Chairs (6)
  • Upright Freezer (Maybe one with clear doors)
  • Lighting for the church parking lot (please contact Randy Loppnow 920-864-7584 if you have an interest in donating this item)
  • 100 Folding Chairs for using in the gym ($17 per chair)
  • New Flooring by the Altar area
  • Money towards Recording Congregation side of the service
  • Money for Sound Equipment at church
  • Fire Proof Filing Cabinet for Church and School Records. ($3,500)
  • Money for Banners for Church
  • Play Ground Equipment (Please speak to Mr. Muchka)
  • Money towards New Material for Language Art Curriculum (Please speak to Mr. Muchka) $1,000 per classroom
  • Money towards IPads Grades 3 & 4 (Please speak to Mr. Muchka) $6,000
  • Money towards Chrome Books Grades 5 – 8 (Please speak to Mr. Muchka) $8,000

Offer to help or donate towards the completion of an item, or for more information or to request a wish list item be added, contact:

Nancy Pantzlaff, Secretary Morrison Zion Lutheran Church & School

PHONE: 920-864-2349

EMAIL:  Click Here