We do not always do the things that we know are right.  At times we get angry.  We say hurtful things that we wish we could take back.  But you know how that is, once you have said something that hurts someone, you can’t take it back, the damage is done.  We are a group of people who are not worthy of God’s love.

Yet we are a group of people who rejoice that God does love us!  Since we could never make up for the pain we have caused God, God acted for us.  Jesus left heaven and lived the perfect life we are unable to live.  Jesus then took the guilt of all our sins on himself and carried them to the cross.  On the cross he died the death our punishment deserves.  Through his life and death, all sins of all people of all time have been forgiven.  We are a group of people who are thrilled that God has led us to believe our individual sins are forgiven in Jesus.  Faith in Jesus as our Lord and Savior is the cornerstone of Morrison Zion Lutheran Church.

We are a group of people who have made getting to know God better a priority of our ministry.  We operate a private Christian school for children in Kindergarten through 8th grade.  We also operate a preschool for four year olds.  We have an active Youth Group.  This high school group is active, not only in fun outings, but also in the Word of God.  We also offer five different times for adult Bible study during the week as well as a few special monthly classes.  We are committed to growing in our love for Jesus.

We are a group of people that enjoy time with one another.  Whether it is after worship or at a school event, you will hear laughter echoing through our hallways.

We are a group of people who deeply desire to share the gospel with you and all people.  We have an awesome God!  We want you to meet him and know him better.  We are thrilled to know he has taken away our guilt and given heaven to us as a free gift.  We long to share this good news with others as well.

Thank you for visiting our web site.  If you have any other questions about us, please contact me or anyone else on our staff.  May God’s love in Christ bless you today, tomorrow, and every day!

Pastor Randy Ott